Our goal at High Performance Consulting is to provide customized solutions that include a variety of services. Areas of specialty include:


High Performance Coaching can give you a fresh perspective on challenges and a renewed outlook on the future

  • 3-month
  • 6-month
  • As-needed coaching packages
  • Group coaching

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High Performance Consulting can help pinpoint the root causes of specific issues and customize the solution that’s just right for you or your team

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Tap into your team’s full potential with a lively, engaging and results-oriented facilitation session

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Our dynamic, fully interactive training programs have the power to bring about long-term professional growth and development within your organization

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  • “I recently sought out Ildi’s expertise on assessment creation for a program/course that I intend to launch in the near future.  I immediately thought of Ildi to provide me with input on this project, as she is known to have broad expertise in course creation, and learning and development. Ildi made the creation of a measurement tool seem like a breeze. She was a natural at making me feel comfortable throughout this whole process, as I was navigating new waters.  Also as a peer in the coaching community, I know her to be an open, warm and kind professional. I learned firsthand that she approaches projects with precision and enthusiasm. Ildi produces results and fruitful outcomes for her clients. I think the latter is due in part to her superb listening skills, her innate ability to understand her clients’ goals and to help convert those ideas into reality.”
    Elke Phillips, Coach
  • “Ildi is one of the most professional people I have ever hired. She listens, sets out clear expectations, deliverables and timelines. She keeps her word. Even though Ildi completed our contract, she gracefully reviewed my progress and went the extra mile to educate on next steps. She clearly wants me to succeed! Highly recommend Ildi.”
    Connie Kadansky, Sales Coach